With our decades of experience and very own in house master printer, Ink can design, create, print, and finish just about anything, with the only limit being your imagination. Rest assured, all products are hand finished by our team of expert printers. Custom graphic design services for stationery, invitations, announcements, and private product labeling and printing. Call or email to schedule an appointment at our Studio.  



Engraved printing from etched or hand engraved copper plates or dies.

Letterpress printing from copper, polymer, magnesium or brass type or plates.

Finishing techniques include scoring, die cutting, bindery services, corner rounding, and edge painting including silver and gold leaf.


Chandler & Price                                   Serial # 13-5795
Platen size 8”x12”                                 Manufactured 1898

Heidelberg Windmill (1)                       Serial # T 127 871 E
Ink printing using Von Son inks           Manufactured 1960
(Rubber and Acrylic)
Platen size 10”x15”

Heidelberg Windmill (2)                      Serial # T 132 398 E
Scoring                                                    Manufactured 1961
Platen size 10”x15”

Heidelberg Windmill (3)                      Serial # T 130 247 E
Die cutting                                              Manufactured 1961
Platen size 10”x15”

Kluge                                                      Serial # N 1293
Platen size 12”x18”                               Manufactured 1955
Hot foil stamping and printing with metallic and pigment foils.  

Cronite Engraved/Intaglio Press         Serial # 6854
3” x 8.75” with 4” x 6” announcement converter
Engraved printing, embossing, debossing and stamping from etched or hand engraved copper plates or dies.